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Assisi in World War II
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Assisi 1943 - 1944
Don Aldo Brunacci (1914-2007)
by Murray Bodo OFM

Pigeons sleep on the railings
of windows opposite mine.

Echoes pulsate from the stones
where I last saw Don Aldo,

a frail 92, his cane
gently tapping away from me

toward the Piazza Commune
at the end of Via San Paolo.

I watched him walking, it seemed,
forever, and the piazza
– like

the Jewish refugees he sheltered
and saved from harm
– was receding

from his determined will.
I see him walking still,

his short shuffle out of step
among friends and passersby.


  Don Aldo was right, article by André Cirino OFM
 Colonel Valentin Mueller MD, 1891 - 1951

  Jewish Lives Saved in Assisi
More  on the historical facts

Don Aldo Brunacci [+ 2 Febr 2007]
is one of the heroes of Assisi in World War II.

© photo Jona Raischl, 2013.
Jona, great grandchild of Dr. Valentin Müller with Graziella Viterbi, Jewish refugee in 1944

Museo della Memoria - New exhibition: Assisi in World War II
read: Jewish Lives Saved in Assisi