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© photo: Jona Raischl, 2013

And together, Josef and André have conducted pilgrimages to Assisi, Italy and Oberammergau, Germany to the famous Passion Play.

Since 1984 André has conducted pilgrimages to the land of Saints Francis and Clare in Assisi, Italy; to Prague, Czech Republic, where  St. Agnes received the famous four Letters of St. Clare; to explore the Franciscan intellectual tradition in England, France, and Germany; to the missions established in California  by Friar Minor Junipero Serra; and to Mallorca, Spain to the birthplace of Padre Serra.



André and Mrs. Franziska Jägerstättter  (1913-2013),
wife of Blessed Franz
Jägerstättter OFS, who was martyred by the Nazis for assuming the stance of a conscientious objector to war.
[Oberammergau Pilgrimage 2010]

Murray Bodo OFM,
Frances Teresa Downing OSC,
and André.

© photo: Jona Raischl, 2013