What past retreatants say about their experience with
 The Journey Into God:

The Bonaventure "Journey" Retreat gives us a new foundation for reclaiming the riches of our Franciscan spiritual theology in service of evangelical life. Our sisters find the immersion in an experiential exploration of the way of Franciscan prayer an extraordinary personal and communal experience.
Margaret Carney, OSF, Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities

Bypassing the purely intellectual and philosophical approaches, Andre and Josef lead us into the "Journey" in a truly Franciscan spirit of simplicity and delightful discovery. Pointing out all along the way the signs of God's love and their meaning they help us to see, taste and feel God, creation and ourselves in a new light. These two spiritual teachers seem to have touched the heart of  Bonaventure's message, the wisdom which Francis' life revealed to the Seraphic Doctor.
Elizabeth Enoch, OSC +,  New York Monastery

It was exciting to learn that the universal journey to God was available to me with the Franciscan flavor of the Itinerarium. Andre and Josef's presentations and liturgies moved me along with Francis' footsteps. Clare's contemplative spirit helped to enlighten the way that I feel God, through Bonaventure's great work, desires for me--the journey toward peace.
John Kerr

Bonaventure's all good, supreme good God moves from the speculative realm of theology to that of a felt, known experience as Andre and Josef steep their wayfarers in sensual and reflective experiences that direct them on their own "itinerarium" into their God. It is a wonderful opportunity for any serious seeker.
Marilyn Joyce, OSF, Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities

This is the most holistic, inclusive, all-encompassing retreat I have ever experienced, incorporating body, mind, spirit, movement, the arts, visuals, audio, symbols and rituals.  The progression from day to day was so meaningful.
M. Christelle Watercott, OSF, Little Falls, MN.

As a married couple we found this retreat to be spiritually enlightening and wonderfully presented.
Tom and Liz Velotti, Clermont, FL.

The finest retreat I’ve ever made.
Br. Joseph Schwab, OFM, Scottsdale, AZ.

A spiritual experience of a lifetime.  I have studied Bonaventure’s Journey into God, but this time I experienced it.
Paula Scraba, St. Bonaventure University NY

A profound journey into God; a journey with God; a journey into and with the whole community of life.
Marcia Dahlinghaus, SFP, Flagstaff, AZ.

The retreat is far more than a mechanical chapter-by-chapter explanation and interpretation of Bonaventure’s text; it is a living experience that immerses the retreatant in the Seraphic Doctor.  You might think of it as theology for the non-theologian.
Paul Perkins, OFS, Granite Bay, CA.

The Journey into God retreat was a true journey within my soul as well as a journey with others to God.
Sr. M. Celestine Giertych, CSSF, Mississauga, Canada 

St. Bonaventure’s explanation of how he understands humankind as an image of God opened up a new world of healing and peace for me.  This retreat has had a tremendous effect on my life.
Mary Esther Stewart, OFS, Flagstaff, AZ.

André and Josef, thank you for all you put into making this a very worthwhile week for me. I’ve been blessed.
Fr. Ken Rosswog, OFM, Tuetopolis, IL

This experience of Bonaventure’s Journey into God has been amazing. The realization that “only God is good” and that my responsibility is to use my God-given gifts every day of my life will carry me forward on my own personal journey.
Maureen P. Colleary, FSP, North Plainfield, NJ

This retreat has taught me in a new way to see Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and Life to the Father, who is All in All!
Mary Ann Falbe, OSF, Springfield, IL

Thank you so much. I am so glad that I took part in this retreat. Through it I came to know the vestiges of God through my senses—taste, touch, hearing, smell, and sight. Also through the memory, intellect, and will, Christ is the center of my life who is Supreme Good, totally good, and Holy. I praise and thank God. I begin my Journey into God with hope, love, and faith.
Sr. Sushma Lakra, OSF,
Springfield, IL

The Journey into God has opened new doors to me on how to view God and on how to pray to God. Father André and Josef have taken the complex writings of St. Bonaventure and explained them in simple terms. Thanks to them both! Now the Journey continues.
Vinny Verlezza, Bronx, NY

I was delightfully surprised with the participative style Josef and André consistently employed during the Journey into God. They created situations that were reflections of daily life—thus this retreat flowed out of and into daily living. In other words, the daily connection is here. The retreat affirmed that God is Good.
Ginny Heldorfer, OSF, Dubuque Franciscan

A kaleidescope of prayer, input, readings, experiences, music, and celebration where I explored and re-discovered God-on-the-Journey! This retreat points to making a difference in my life.
Dorothy Monikowski, SSJ-TOSF,
Bartlett, IL

Thank you for opening up the Journey for me. Clear and very understandable presentations and beautiful liturgies paved the pathway to contemplation.
Audrey Ricard, OFS, St. Paschal Baylon Fraternity, Wind Lake, WI

I cannot adequately tell you how much this retreat means to me. Every page of the Journey into God by St. Bonaventure is filled with inspiration. Josef and André gave an authentic and timely teaching straight from their hearts and brought life to a writing that a novice like myself would not have accomplished alone. I look forward to re-reading it with great delight! The retreat opened my heart to Franciscan spirituality. What a gift!
Theresa Thompson, Lay Minister

Bonaventure’s Journey into God retreat, so ably led by Fr. André Cirino OFM and Josef Raischl OFS, is a sensual and spiritual journey that focuses the whole body, mind, and spirit on the wonder that is God around, in, and beyond us, and it leaves us panting for more. This Journey draws you into explorations of Franciscan spirituality and an ever-deepening relationship with God. While focusing on Bonaventure, our gifted guides opened up the whole canon of Franciscan literature inspiring us to grow ever-deeper in our relationship with God and explore the grandeur of Franciscan spirituality. This retreat lives in the heart and soul long after it has ended. The seeds have been planted, the roots have begun to take hold and the tender shoot has emerged. It is now up to us to nurture the bud and bring it to flower. This Journey gives us the tools we need for a life-time of growth. Thank you!
Andrea Dull, Lawrenceburg,KY

What a blessing to plumb the depths of Bonaventure’s spirituality with André and Josef. Their insights, explanations, and music linger in my thoughts and prayers. It certainly has been a blessing to experience our Journey into God.
Jeanne Rollins, OSF, Arroyo

God’s gift of understanding was a special blessing for me during this experiential Journey into God retreat, creatively and masterfully presented. The “God of surprises” is delightfully present in the morning and evening prayers.
Judith A. Bell, FSM,
St. Louis, MO

My first experience of Bonaventure through this retreat was a powerful one! The creative incorporation of study, prayer, ritual, liturgy, and sharing brought the Seraphic Doctor alive for me and has enriched my spiritual life now and for years to come. Thank you
Sr. Caroline Rejino, OSF, Wolfworth, TX

My thought on this retreat is that you gave me back my soul. It had been stepped on and I did not understand how to resolve the situation. Today chapter six gave me my answer. You also allow me to understand Bonaventure. I am grateful to both of you. I, too, would have liked to be outside in nature, but the weather did not help. But maybe God wanted us inside, looking out. Pax et bonum!
Sr. Karen Heath, FSM, St. Louis, MO

The spiritual journey within has always greatly drawn me. I came here hoping to nurture my desire. These days of retreat have not been disappointing—I leave with a renewed and deepened spirit and with new light for my Journey into God. I’m grateful—really grateful!
Sr. Celine Thames, St. Francis Mission Sisters, Wolfworth, TX

An uplifting, holistic, healing, freeing experience that focuses on the goodness of God and opens one to the Presence of God in creation and ourselves! This experience guided me to see God in ever new and deeper ways! It is a renewing of my journey of life.
Sr. Maureen Anne Shepard, Zanesville, OH